Industry Resume
Manufacturing & Processing


Agricultural Feed Mill
Brake Pad Manufacturing
Computer Equipment
Forklift Assembly Parts
Gas Equipment Fabrication
Geophysical Equipment
Injection Molding
Rebuilt Automotive Engines
Mail Systems
Military Hardware/Airframes
Offshore Cranes
Oil Field Pump Jacks
Pressure Vessel Fabrication
Printed Circuit Board
Steel Mill and Oilfield Fab.
Structural Steel Fab & Erection
Wire and Wire Products
Wire and Wire Products
Wire and Wire Products
Utility and Cell Phone Towers Fab.
Pharmaceutical OTC Products
Steel Mill Machining
Rebuilt Automotive Parts
Steel Scrap Processing
Oil Field Fabrication
Petrochemical Barge Fab & Repair
Printing Equipment
Plastic Bag Manufacturing
Fine Bore Machining
Land Leveling/Road Const. Equip


Oklahoma Feed Mill
Standco Industries
Recognition Equipment
Standard Manufacturing
Concord Energy
Geo Space
Image Plastics
Nationwide Engine
Recognition Equipment
LTV Aerospace
Conway Technologies
American International Pump
Electro Welding
Vant Manufacturing
Forseyth Engineering & Mach
Richmond Steel
Davis Walker Steel and Wire
GNA Corporation
Florida Wire
Sterling Affiliates
Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Production Tool
Automotive Parts Re Mfg.
Sampson Steel
Victoria Machine Works
Southwestern Barge Fleet Service
Stevens Graphics
Yellow Rose Corporation
Deep Hold Machine
Reynolds International


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