Business Assessment: If an assessment of the current condition of the business is warranted, we conduct a review of the business by analyzing management skills, information systems, financial controls and strategic positioning in the market place. We provide a rapid, critical analysis of the current situation and provide specific recommendations which, when implemented, will materially improve the results of the company. Stabilization and reestablishing credibility with important constituencies will generally be the primary goal of the underperforming company.
Company Viability Analysis

The Process

The company viability analysis typically encompasses the following steps:

· Operations Assessment

1. Analysis of product costs and gross margins

2. Review of purchasing methodologies

3. Review of inventory controls and materials handling

4. Review of product quality assurance processes

5. Review of multiple location rationale and cost-effectiveness

· Sales & Marketing Assessment

1. Assessment of sales and marketing strategies

2. Review of effectiveness of salespeople and sales rep management processes

3. Review of product line, completeness, and product pricing methodologies

4. Rudimentary market analysis

· Finance, Accounting and Personnel Assessment

1. Detailed cash flow projections and breakeven analysis

2. Assessment of inventory and accounts receivable

3. Analysis of asset conversion opportunities

4. Assessment of continued vendor risks

5. Review of selling, general and administrative expenses

6. Management skill set assessment

At the conclusion of the viability analysis, we present to management in executive review format, an independent assessment of the viability of the company and a clear road map for the next course of action (i.e., the turnaround or conversion plan).

During this phase of the engagement, Wayne Fuquay & Associates will assist the company in negotiating with parties-in-interest (e.g., lenders, vendors, taxing authorities, employees, unions) in obtaining working capital financing and to improve the value of the company and potential recovery to its stakeholders.